Sperm freezing i.e. the most successful or vital method to preserve a man’s fertility. So that he can try and have a children in their future. Freezed or Stored sperm can also be used in someone else treatment especially for those who are not having capability of the formation of sperm. Now let’s find out more about how actually sperm freezing involves and how long you can store your sperm for your next generation plan.

Since men are able to freeze their sperm for use in their own future treatment or to donate to someone else’s treatment via help of sperm bank or in IVF hospital. Donated sperm usually has to be quarantined for generally upto six months and that particular screened for infections before to use by any recipient. Therefore the actual length of sperm quarantine is dependent upon the type of screening tests that your IVF clinic carries out.

During IVF or ICSI procedure using frozen sperm is just as successful as using fresh sperm. There are no risks from using frozen sperm in treatment. Generally not all of the sperm survive in whole freezing and thawing after processed. And it can be said a little difference between the fresh or cryopreserved sperm.

If you want or plan to freeze your sperm for further use in future or for donating purpose. So let we know what it could be exactly given below:

As like if you have a situation, or are facing medical treatment for a condition, that may or can affect your fertility at that condition freezed sperm can be used. As you are about to have a vasectomy and want sperm available in case you change your mind about having children. You have a low sperm count or the quality of your sperm is deteriorating or compromised in this case sperm can be stored or freeze. If You have any difficulty in producing sperm or in ejaculation on the day of fertility treatment such kind of situation once if you ejaculate naturally and whether your overall sperm quality is good then sperm can be freezed to later use. If you are at risk of injury or death, suppose you are working for nation as like military or army duties in that case sperm cryopreservation ‘ll be very useful. And also If you’re planning to transitioning your male to a female gender, you may want to preserve your fertility before to start hormone therapy or have reconstructive surgery. Through both the treatments can be lead to the partial or total loss of your fertility.

Let it know how much long we can freeze or store the sperm: The standard storage or duration period for sperm freezing is normally consider 10 years, although men in certain reasons or of matter can store their sperm for up to 55 years. But before all the above mentioned your clinician should must be able to explain whether you can do this or not.

Once you ‘ll reach at clinic first you ‘ll ask to produce a fresh sample of sperm, after collection that will be mixed well with a special fluid called cryoprotectant to protect the sperm from damage during freezing and keep it upto 0.5 ml of mixed sample in a cryovial, cool slowly and finally deep in LN2.

This means not all the sperm cryovials needs to be thaw at a time but can be used in multiple treatments.
Sperm cryopreservation technique i.e. miracle technique because it can be beneficial to preserve and enhance the fertility of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, ensures sperm are available at the time of oocyte retrieval in ART procedures and avoids the need for repeated sperm ejaculation or extraction surgeries process in or obstructive azoospermic patients.

Sperm cryopreservation involve storage or freezing of sperm in liquid nitrogen or (LN2) with carefully handling in a scientific way and this process is commonly known as conventional method of freezing, in which a significant decline in sperm parameters such as motility and viability. During the whole process chances of damaging mostly the DNA portion of the sperm that is the most reason to handle with more care, So that later you can get sperm alive or live.

So the above all about the crucial role played by cryopreserved sperm in brief.